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Playing the game of poker can be an exciting and fun activity, but every player must ask him or herself an important question. This question involves how much money to invest in the bankroll. No player can get started without a bankroll, and it is important for every player to evaluate his or her individual appetite for risk. If you wish to play the game of poker seriously, you will need to consider how much money to use to fund your initial bankroll.

Of course the first rule of gambling is never to play with more money than you can afford to lose, and this rule should be used to guide your bankroll as well. If you cannot afford to create a large bankroll, then play at the low buy-in tables and learn the game.No matter which table you play at, a good bankroll would be equal to about 300 times the size of a single bet. Therefore, if you are playing at a 200KSH/400KSh table, your bankroll would need to be 120,000KSh, which is 300 times higher than the 400KSh bet. While this 300 times rule is a good rule of thumb, it is important as well to take your own betting style into account. Those who play loosely play most hands may need more money in their bankroll, while those who play more conservatively may be able to get away with a slightly lower bankroll.

In addition, the kind of poker game being played is an important factor. When playing draw poker you may need less money than when playing triple draw poker. This is the same calculus, and the solution to it is obvious. In addition, some poker games will have more betting rounds, while others will feature more extended games that need a larger bankroll.

When playing no limit Texas Hold’Em you may also need a larger bankroll. If the big blind of the game is set at 300KSh, you will need far more than the 90,000 KSh calculated by the 300 times rule. At times in no limit hold’em you may need to bet 5,000 KSh at one time, so you can see how you will need a larger bankroll to play effectively in these no limit games.

The key here for determining the appropriate no limit hold’em bankroll is to make it fit statistically. The more games played the more chances you will have to increase the bankroll with which you start. Therefore, if you only have a 120,000 KSh bankroll to spend it is best to not choose a no limit game. It may be better to build your original bankroll through skillful play, and then enter the no limit game only after you have accumulated a sufficient amount of cash.